About Karen Kanefsky-Marketing Consultant


Founder & Leader : Relationship First Marketing

Karen's vast experience and success in the Marketing arena in both the Corporate and Entrepreneurship environment is what drove her to begin the journey to help others succeed by blending online and offline Marketing Systems.

As Marketing VP for an apparel company, she mastered the magic of relationships with her Sales team, Management team and Clients to bring about substantial growth and unexpected rewards to the company.  "Who you know" and if they respected and trusted you became the backbone to success. Karen's training encompasses the fact that  "Who you Know" in the present has nothing to do with the "Who you Know" while moving forward throughout the journey of your future.  The past and present does NOT define your future.  

Karen is driven by her passion and discoveries in Relationship Marketing to create the systems for others that will propel them to success in repeat business, referrals, and new client acquisition.  The individual and company success is what "lights her fire" and is her reason to start her day with anticipation and a smile.

Karen takes this passion along with her organizational skills and system expertise and matches them with the personality of the individuals and of the company. She creates a realistic system where Relationship First Marketing results in Growth, Power, and Fulfillment to all involved. 

Here are the areas that Karen specializes in:

➽ Setting up Systems for successful Follow Up and Reach.

➽ Tapping into your existing and past Clients with new Marketing Opportunities using online and offline activities.

➽ Set up  Proprietary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) System to Guarantee First Page Search results.
➽ Creating an Impactful and Powerful way to increase customer loyalty and referrals.
➽ Increasing Brand Awareness
➽ How to Balance High Tech and Personal Touch.
➽ Demonstrate how to Balance and Optimize  your Communications using Emails, Newsletters, Social Media, Face to Face contact, Personalized notes and Texting.

➽ Creating systems to enhance YOU.  Your likability, trust and respect.

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Personally speaking

My journey began growing up in a family with parents who had Immigrated from Europe. My Dad started his own business the same year I was born!  Growing up with parents who were excited to be US citizens, and who recognized the unique opportunities we have here in the US, was a big influence on my own future and outlook. The idea of running their own business was a dream that came true.   I was lucky to have watched my Dad grow successful with pride and hard work.  What a great example for me!  My parents always told me I could do whatever I dreamed to do and were supportive of my ideas and my dreams. I learned about the inner workings and team work of a business from the time I could "go in and help out at work".  I adored my Dad and was always in awe at how much his employees loved him, and then these same employees coddled and taught me as a young girl. 

Never a fan of the cold, I went on a Scholarship to the University of South Florida where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Business Degree in Marketing and Management.   What a treat to see my Dad and Mom so proud of me!

I truly admired the Marketing World as I experienced successes and failures and figured out just what brought sales teams to want to work hard, set goals and reap the rewards.

Eventually I made my way to another warm part of the world.  I have lived in Arizona now for 20+ years with my wonderful Husband and have 2 Terrific Kids that bring me more joy than I ever could have imagined.  I never stopped working in my field and teaching, coaching and helping others is now what drives me.  (I hope my kids learned from mine and my husband's work ethic as well!)

I love to Travel (and am quite pleased that I now can work from anywhere in the world). I love to Spin, Bike, Hike and attend concerts, theater, movies, and all kinds of explorations and events.  Reading is one of my great passions and I read it all:  Novels, History, Business, Motivational and Travel.  I think my strongest points (the ones that keep me grounded) are that I am a HUGE optimist (Who wants to hear "I can't or complaints?) I laugh a lot and love to help others through volunteering my time and in my business. And, yes....I too have an intimate relationship with my computer.  But, I know that Success and Happiness  are all around us, in every facet of our lives and most important, they come from those Special Relationships you surround yourself with.  (there is a choice where this is concerned).  I learn from all the people I meet through my Life Journey because Learning is a two way street.  I look forward to working and learning with you!

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