Services Offered

Social Media Marketing


Social Media engagement is vital to build branding and the relationships to grow our business.  Together we will determine which social media is vital and make it work.

Marketing Coaching


We start with goal setting and create a marketing program that resonates with you to meet these goals .  We work together to clarify your targets, branding, action items and accountability.

Email Marketing


We will create  Powerful Email marketing systems for follow up,  enhancing outreach, to show gratitude,  share stories, and generate action and sales.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization


 If customers can’t find your business, it doesn’t exist. Coming up on the fist page of a Google search DOES matter.  

Marketing Coaching


Goal Setting

We start here to assess your goals and most importantly, determine how you can solve your prospective clients problems. ((This is basically all they care about).  We need to know your ideal clients and their needs. You can't hit the bullseye if you have a constantly moving target. We determine the best methods of building respectability and trust through communication, and create a sales funnel together to determine the marketing steps that resonate with you and fit into your budget.  This is critical.  The steps need to be ones that fit "you" so you are excited to get them accomplished, instead of putting them off for a later time (which never seems to come).

Keywords - Website and Social Media

We want to make sure that we are positioned where your prospective clients are hanging out.  Then, we want to offer clear, concise and consistent branding and messages that will make an impact and benefit them.

Action Items

Are you engaged and connecting to your target market? Are your customers raving about you on social media? Is your content making a difference?  Are you Sharing great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones? Are your potential clients  clicking on your emails and social media to get more information and learn more?  Are you responding correctly to move them forward towards becoming a client? 

CRM - Follow Up and merging online and offline

A comfortable system for you and your staff is a MUST to group and keep track of your clients, perspective clients, referral partners and other VIP's.  This system will drive your activity and must be simple and sincere.  There must also be a clear merge of when you move out of the digital world and into a face to face, phone, meeting or presentation modes of communication.  


This is an area where coaching is critical.  Once we determine where to start and agree on the steps necessary for success, it is best to have an Accountability partner to stay on track, help you roll with any stumbling blocks or changes necessary.  On many occasions, this is my roll.  I am excellent at keeping my clients and their messages on track.


The ability to measure your success is crucial. Analytics will determine what is working and what is not.  It is the most successful way to know if and when changes need to be made.  

Social Media Marketing


Choose Social Media Pages for Engagement

It is important to hang out where your customers and referral partners are! We will determine which Social Media platforms will be most effective for you and your company.  There are many to choose from and we will use various criteria such as demographics, industry, importance of  reviews, goals and Media.  The main ones we usually are explore are LInked In, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube and others that may be Industry specific.

Develop Strategic Approach

Once we determine which are important for you, the platforms must be built with your information and branding.  Key words must be determined and placed correctly.  Visuals need to be set up and your message must be clear and consistent.


We will determine what you will share, the frequency and how you will interact with others.  Content of articles is a form of publishing your own content and sharing.  Posts are quick shares. Do you ask questions?  Is it relevant?  Mixing things up is advantageous.  You want to share your expertise so others want to learn more and follow you, share, comment and like your material.  Pictures and videos may be important. Storytelling can be very compelling. Recommendations and testimonials are powerful!  How can we get your customers to rave about you on social media? Content needs to be 80% engagement and 20% or less "selling". We will also use the appropriate  tools and systems for automation.


Your interaction with others is very important here as well.  Do you like, share and comment on others content?  Do you offer suggestions, ideas?  Move to messaging?  

When to move off line

Social media is all about building relationships.  This will open the door to more referrals and business growth.  Familiarity becomes important as you build rapport.  Eventually, you will begin to merge some of your relationships to personal emails or communications that are on the phone, texting or messaging as appropriate.  I can help guide you here with various message and teach methods and tools for a smooth comfortable conversion.

I can help!

I can make these determinations as described above and train you and your salesforce.  For many, I handle all the social media interaction until it moves offline.  This includes posting, connecting, friending..etc. Please contact me to explore Social Media together.

Email Marketing

Powerful email marketing can be easy.

I have partnered with what I consider to be the best Email Marketing system available.  The strong Contact Manager,  as well as the flexibility, simplicity and wide array of programs included are why I chose this system above others. I am thrilled that you can create a simple professional email or a beautifully detailed newsletter.  The best part is the Analytics so you know who has opened your emails, how long they spent on them and if they have clicked any of your action items.

Constant Contact makes it fast and easy to get results from your email marketing, even if you’re a beginner. Our state-of-the-art email editor is built for speed—just drag and drop. And with powerful features like customizable Action Blocks and email list growth tools—plus free live support—you’ll connect with more customers and drive bigger results with every email you send. 

I am also a Solution Provider for Constant Contact. In addition to my current roster of services, I can help you develop additional strategies to engage with your prospects, customers, clients, or members wherever they are. From your list management through the creation and design, I can consult and support you as needed. I can assist with creating and scheduling email campaigns, increasing Social Media engagement, create  surveys, special discounts, event registration, and more! Ultimately, I enjoy how the system can help you to convert prospects into customers.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Placement Counts!


 No matter what device a potential client is searching on, you need to show 

up on the 1st page.  

What We Do


We work with you to chooser 300 Key Phrases, you choose 10 Cities and we get you 1st rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

How we get your Site to Rank


Our Proprietary Software uses Targeted Words, Unique Content, Backlinks, Directories, & Social Signaling to create  Leads, Clicks and Conversions.

How you Know it Works!


Comprehensive Monthly Analytics Reports give you a complete understanding of your ranks, audience and actions taken.

Organized Time Line


Once you sign up, we set up a Launch meeting with our team to finalize keywords and locations.  Installation occurs about 7 - 10 days later and 98% Tracking can be expected in about 120 days.

Benefits & Flexibility


Month to Month Contract,

 100% Money Guarantee, 

Prices & Programs to fit Your Budget.

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